Borrow money to pay for an accident?

Much has been told about what to do when you get an accident. That’s just the theory. Borrowing money to pay for your accident is nothing new anymore. And this by state rules or by the incompetence of police officers.

In the event of an accident – what to do


We are not going to explain every possible accident. We provide some tips here that you should follow to ensure that when you are entitled, the insurance also looks at you. That is, after all, the essence of the whole story. The question is how do you do that? That is simple.

1. At the time of your accident, do not move the convictions. If the other person involved is driving away from the accident, that is his problem. Are there witnesses? First stop them and ask if they want to be witnesses. No witnessing is less strong in your shoes.

Then what you do is take photos of the vehicles. Ensure that the area is clearly visible. Also take some detailed photos of the damage itself. No photo camera? 90% of the GSMs have a camera. Don’t know how it works? Then ask a bystander for advice.

2. If you have to move the cars to ensure through traffic, you can do that. So first make sure you have photos.

3. Call the police. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes for the police to arrive. People often try to settle the damage themselves. DO NOT! If this person drove away but you have his contact details, you will no longer have to stand up. If that person claims not to have been involved in the accident, you can forget the money. Photos can help but then you still have not filled in insurance papers. This then becomes a lawsuit rather than an amicable settlement between two insurance companies.

4. When you have called the police, it is now time to call your insurance company immediately. This is therefore the most important part. You must know exactly how to complete the collision form with regard to the accident. You don’t have to ask the police. They do not know how insurance companies work. I will give an example of this later. Has this been entered incorrectly? Then you do not make a cent even though you are in your right, there are several witnesses, you have written down a nice description. It does not help. So correctly completing the collision form is essential. And that’s the problem.Often wrongful things are ticked out of ignorance and you can borrow money to pay for your accident.

5. When the police have arrived, the party involved in the accident can also complete and sign the collision form. The drawing on the collision form is also of essential importance. Some tips for completing the collision form:

Tick ​​the boxes at the time of the accident itself

Tick ​​the boxes at the time of the accident itself

So what happens when 2 cars touch each other. Not what you were doing 2 minutes before. An example: you drive out of a parking lot but you have to stop in the middle of the lane because a cyclist comes to it. The cyclist passes a measure when someone else drives your car. What do you enter? YOU WERE STILL IN THE JOB, so not, I drove away from the parking lot. If you do not do that, it can have immense consequences and you are the victim because you perform a maneuver.

Also on the drawing of the collision form it is immensely important to fill this in correctly. In the case of the example above: an arrow indicates movement, not the direction. So at the moment you were still because you were waiting for that cyclist. You do NOT indicate an arrow on the drawing.

Did you enter it that way? Then you are well informed. Otherwise you have it on your pants and you can pay for part or all of the damage to your car even if you yourself were not in error. The witnesses are not even contacted in that case.

If both parties do not agree, the comment sometimes comes ‘let the insurance companies fight it out’. NO police. That is wrong. If you do not agree with the counterparty, the police are obliged to draw up a PV. With that PV you go to the insurance company. Then they may indeed fight it out among themselves. Do not let the police fill in the collision form! They also do not know what consequences that may have for you. ALWAYS call your insurance office for this. If you can’t reach them, you must have a PV drawn up of the facts. But watch what you say there too. In the above you stood still on the track when someone else hit you. That is how you should state it.

Borrow money accident

Borrow money accident

Even if you are in your right, incorrectly entering the collision documents will result in paying the damage to the car yourself. In the event of an accident, you will soon have several hundred to several thousand euros. If you do not have that money in your pocket, you will have to take out financing or save some more to pay for the costs.

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